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mew last night were outstanding!! they played just about everything i wanted, and they played them damn well too! the crowd were rubbish though. people pushing is to be expected, but when people try everything to force their way in front of you, including punching, elbowing, kneeing etc. its not fair. i could hardly concentrate on a couple of songs coz i was trying not to lose my place. i ended the night drenched in sweat, which, although unpleasant, i think is the sign of a good gig!
afterwards, we just kinda drifted around oak house. we spent a bit of time in the music room, with ben showing off his piano skills. i may have to take my cornet down sometime for a bit of a blow. for some reason ben has loads of pieces for cornet!
we eventually ended up piled on natalies bed, listening to some good music, before she got tired and chucked us out.
all in all, it was a good night
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