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Welcome to my fucked up little world

(sorry if i get a little emo)

Tom Bradshaw
29 September
i am tom. i am welsh. i currently live and study in manchester. i am originally from swansea in south wales, which is shite. my only strong interest in life is music, or music related things, which i guess is quite sad in some ways. i hate writing these things, as i hate talking about myself to nobody in particular. im ever so slightly screwed in the head. i think thats about it really.
15 minute+ tracks, 20 minute guitar solos, 42nd street, a good pint, academy 3, affleck's palace, alan partridge, album reviews, amnesiac, amélie, audial sex, b-sides, badly drawn boy, beaches, beck, being frustrating, bjork, blackadder, bloc party, brass band test pieces, british sea power, burnt face man, buying cds, cd artwork, cheese-and-marmite toasties, chikinki, chocolate brownies, clever mathematical proofs, cocktails, comedy, comfort, david ford, donnie darko, drinking for pleasure, drunken kissing, eating without gaining weight, eclecticism, eels, ego boosts, elbow, electronica, feeling like i belong, festival survival, festival wristbands, fopp, french horns, getting into difficult music, gigs, glastonbury, going back to sleep, goldfrapp, good dance music, guinness, happy days pizza, hope of the states, i am kloot, indie, interpol, jazz, jeff buckley, jim noir, joke flirting, lazy days, learning without being taught, led zeppelin, listening to peoples problems, live music, looping pedals, losing myself in music, making others happy, manchester, martha wainwright, massive hugs, maths-turbation, melodic heavy rock, mew, mock insults, mogwai, mountains, music, natural beauty, nature, noodling, obscure time signatures, oceansize, organised mess, paris, passing exams, people with similar interests, piano in rock songs, pink floyd, poor eating habits, porridge, post-rock, procrastination, prog, pub grub, pubs, questionable content, quick recoveries, quotable lyrics, radiohead, randomness, reading, real ales, red wine, remembering dreams, remembering glastonbury, rufus wainwright, saxophone solos, saying "thats not pleasant", se7en, sharing a bed, shopping with natalie, sigur ros, sigur rós, silence of the lambs, sleep, small venues, songs in waltz time, souljacker, stanley donwood, stephen fry, steve coogan, sun, super furry animals, surrealism, the arcade fire, the cooper temple clause, the coral, the mars volta, the optimist lp, the polyphonic spree, the word "quality", thee dust rackets, theme parks, theremin, thinking too much, thunderstorms, too many gigs, too much music, total silence during gigs, vinyl, wales beating england, want one, want two, wish you were here, zuton fever